Welcome to the RE Department

Throughout your time at Hayfield you will develop vital skills of reasoning, discussions, team building, debating and consideration for different views on a range of important issues e.g. ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Should capital punishment be allowed?’ ‘What would make the perfect society?’ RE, Philosopy and Ethics is a core subject at both KS3 and 4. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to think about and question the world around them in their everyday lives, along with the chance to ask questions to several visitors.

Our Department

Mrs Pryce
Other members of staff will also be involved with the department

Key Stage 3
Students develop their understanding of key religions, as well as applying religious ideas to important issues and developing their own opinion.

  • Christianity e.g. Key beliefs, the Easter Story, Who was Jesus?
  • Hinduism e.g. Key beliefs, festivals, special events, etc
  • How did the world begin? Science vs. religion
  • Buddhism e.g. key beliefs, life of the Buddha, meditation, etc
  • Sikhism e.g. key beliefs, life of the Gurus, the khalsa, etc

Key Stage 4
Students develop their skills in applying religious as well as their own views to numerous topics of interest.

  • Is there life after death?
  • Can equality ever be achieved?
  • Should animals have the same rights as humans?
  • Can crime ever be prevented?
  • Are criminals born or created by society?
  • Is it okay to laugh at religion?
  • Are abortions and euthanasia right or wrong?