Welcome to the Geography Department

Throughout their time at Hayfield the students will have the opportunity to discover the world in their Geography lessons. With the department aiming to make sure the pupils are not only learning about the world, but are also prepared to go out and be successful in it when they leave the school. Geography is a core subject in KS3 and an option at GCSE and A level.

Our Department
Mr D Scholey – Head of Department
Miss J Whetstone
Mr T Caroll
Miss R Neal

Key Stage 3
Students develop their knowledge of both the physical and human world, giving them the opportunity to become true global citizens. Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Hazards and disasters
  • Weather and Climate
  • Development
  • Extreme environments
  • Population

The curriculum has just been developed to fit in against the new KS3 curriculum guidelines and provides an exciting and engaging series of subjects for the pupils.

Key Stage 4
The students will have a choice of courses, either a GCSE in Geography or a GCSE in Geographical Studies. The two courses cover the same content but are taught in a different manner suiting different learning styles. The course will build on the knowledge developed in KS3 and will give pupils an opportunity to see Geography in the real world with two fieldwork studies to be completed outside of the school.

Key Stage 5
The department offers an AS and A2 qualification in Geography in KS5 which is though the AQA examination board. The students will use the skills they have developed throughout the previous 5 years to achieve a qualification that is highly regarded by business and further educational centres.

Students learn about up to date real examples of the theory delivered in the classroom and once again get even more opportunities to see Geography in the real world with a range of fieldwork opportunities provided to suit the course.

Trips and visits
The department prides itself on its provision of fieldwork and extra-curricular visits and whether it is a trip to Ridley Hall in Year 7, or a trip to Iceland or Italy in KS4-5, we try our best to provide the opportunities to discover the world itself.