Welcome to the Design Technology Faculty

Our aim is to inspire our students to think, problem solve, design and then create products that improve the quality of living for all forms of life on our planet, whilst also working in unison and harmony with the living world that we all share.

All of our learners will explore and combine new materials, advanced technologies and modern manufacturing techniques in order that they may develop their understanding of the direct impact that the design activity has upon the continual evolution of our environment.

Ultimately, we will nurture the future generations of young designers so that they may shed their light, creativity and influence on the dawn of our new world. Their ideas and designs will always demonstrate compassion and respect towards our living planet and all life upon it.

Our Faculty
Mr R Bramhill – Design Technology Faculty Leader
Mr N Allan – Engineeering
Miss S Campbell-Smith – Graphics
Mrs A Spotswood – Catering
Mrs L Wyld –Product Design

We are always continually searching for new course opportunities that will expose our learners to the most up-to-date design and practical experience, whilst also remaining perfectly aligned with their future aspirations and life aims. Our curriculum structure is detailed below:

Key Stage 3
Our students rotate in a ‘carousel’ style system, which exposes them to a range of design and manufacture skills based courses in:

  • Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • Basic Electronics
  • Graphic Design
  • Engineering
  • Product Design

Key Stage 4
Our students can choose one or more of the following GCSE subjects:

  • WJEC Food Preparation and Nutrition
  • AQA Graphic Products
  • AQA Engineering
  • AQA Product design
  • AQA Product Design with electronics
  • AQA Resistant Materials

Key Stage 5
At As and A2, candidates will explore and combine new materials, advanced technologies, electronics and modern manufacturing techniques in order to design and develop products that improve the quality of life for the intended user whilst having a minimal environmental impact.

AQA AS Product Design – 3D Design
AQA A2 Product Design – 3D Design