Welcome to the Business & Enterprise Faculty

Business and Enterprise
Our aim is to ensure that all students achieve the very best grades they can in external examinations but also to prepare students for working life in the future; either as entrepreneurs and business owners or as employees who can make a positive contribution to the organisation they work for.

We are extremely proud of our record of achieving outstanding results in external examinations, as recognised in the last Ofsted report. We are particularly proud of our position as one of the very best business departments in the country in terms of adding value for our students at AS and A2 in the sixth form.

We also make every effort to make our courses and our teaching up to date and relevant, giving students the opportunity to meet real business entrepreneurs and managers, visit local businesses and work on real business issues and problems.


AS and A2 Psychology looks at the whole range of human behaviours and attempt to answer some fundamental questions of human existence. For instance:

  • Why do some people commit murder?
  • Why do some people abuse alcohol and others don’t?
  • How does the brain influence behaviour?
  • Can animals have language?
  • What is autism? Is there a cause?
  • Why do some people become schizophrenic?
  • What is Multiple personality disorder? Does it exist?
  • What causes stress and can it be managed?
  • What is a phobia? What are dreams and what are their purpose?

Our Faculty
Mr T Jones – Head of Faculty
Mr G Hand – Head of General Studies / Economics
Mr S Cartlidge – Head of Psychology
L Ghent-Clark – Psychology

Key Stage 3
An introduction to entrepreneurs, the skills and qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur and the steps involved in setting up a new business. We look at examples of local entrepreneurs as well as more well known national figures. We also look at how to present a business idea to business ‘dragons’ including clips from the Dragons Den series.

This course links in with the Year 8 Enterprise HayDay in June / July where students set up and run a Pizza Takeway Restaurant in groups.

Key Stage 4
GCSE Economics: This course was introduced in 2012 and is available to a restricted cohort of students given the academic nature of the course. This is a challenging, but fascinating subject looking at all aspects of how the economy works (or doesn’t!) We look at markets and how prices are determined, to the behaviour of businesses and whole economy issues such as unemployment and inflation. This is a highly relevant and topical subject.

GCSE Business Studies: This is a very flexible course offering students the possibility of taking units in enterprise, business, ICT and economics (depending on numbers and option blocks). The course covers the steps involved in setting up a new business as well as the more traditional business topics of marketing, production, human resources and finance.

Key Stage 5
AS and A2 Business Studies: This course follows on from the GCSE course developing in greater depth the business functions of marketing, human resources, finance and operations management. There is also a topic on enterprise – how to go about setting up a new business.

AS and A2 Economics: This is a long established and highly respected academic course looking at how the UK economy operates. Topics include how markets work (or don’t!) inflation, unemployment, trade and government management of the economy. The recent recession has been a major focus for study.

There is no prior knowledge of psychology needed for an A level. It’s assumed that all students are starting from the beginning.

AS Psychology (OCR): 15 research studies are considered through approaches, perspectives, issues and methods.
Course assessment: 2 written exams and a psychological investigations paper.

A2 Psychology (OCR): This involves studying Applied Psychology, and is much more theoretical than AS Psychology. Options covered are ‘Forensic and Criminal’ ‘Health and Clinical’.
Course assessment: 3 written exams.