Teaching Staff

N Allan                    – Teacher of Technology
C Barnes                  – Year Tutor/ Teacher of Mathematics
R Bramhill              – Technology Faculty Leader/Teacher of Technology
C Burrell                 – Year Tutor/Teacher of Mathematics
D Burton                 – Second in PE Faculty/Teacher of Physical Education
L Caldwell              – Teacher of Science
S Campbell-Smith – Teacher of Technology
A Camplin              – Teacher of English
T Carroll                 – Teacher of Geography
E Conroy                 – Deputy Year Tutor/ Teacher of History/DoE
A Cunningham      – Teacher of ICT
S Davies                  – Teacher of Mathematics
S Dutton                 – Head of Sociology/Teacher of Sociology
S Farr                      – Year Tutor/Teacher of ICT
J Food                      – Teacher of English
L Fothergill            – Teacher of Technology
L Fox                       – Headteacher
L Ghent-Clark       –  Teacher of Psychology
A Gibson                –  Teacher of Mathematics
G Hand                   – Head of Business and Economics/Teacher of Business/Health and  Safety Officer
E Harewood          – Teacher of English
J Harrison              – Teacher of Science
M Harrison            – Teacher of Physical Education
L Hatfield               – Teacher of Mathematics
R Hough                 – Head of Personal Development/Teacher of Science
R Huddart              – Deputy Headteacher
C Hunt                    – Deputy Year Tutor/Head of Music/Teacher of Music
C James                  – Science Faculty Leader/Teacher of Science
S Jones                    – Head of Spanish/Teacher of Languages
S Kelly                     – Teacher of English
J Lambert               – Year Tutor/Head of Drama/Teacher of Drama and English
M Langham           – Head of Biology/Teacher of Science
C Lindley                – Director of Mathematics/Teacher of Mathematics
A Lindsay               – Teacher of English
H Linley                  – Director of English/Teacher of English
M Linley                 – Assistant Headteacher, Assessment, Raising Standards Leader    Reporting, Exams/Teacher of History
C Lovell                  – Teacher of English
E Lowe                   – Teacher of English
R Lugg                    – Teacher of English
T Machin               – Teacher of Physical Education
A Maddock            – Teacher of Physical Education
S Martin                 – Teacher of Drama, Media Studies and Music
H Megaw                – Teacher of Mathematics
I Melia                    – Deputy Headteacher
T Morris                 – Teacher of Science/DoE
J Mrkogaca            – Teacher of Languages
R Neal                     – Teacher of Geography
L Oldfield               – Head of History/Teacher of History
F O’Sullivan           – Teacher of Science
J Parry                    – ICT and Computing Faculty Leader/Teacher of ICT
E Plumb                 – Teacher of Mathematics
P Plunkett              – Head of Training School/Teacher of Creative Arts
M Pryce                  – Head of  Personal Development/Teacher of PD and Drama
H Reidy                  – Director of Modern Foreign Languages/Teacher of Languages
R Roberts               – Teacher of Mathematics
B Robertson          – Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning/Teacher of English
H Rockliff              – Associate Assistant Headteacher Standards, Expectations and Resilience/Teacher of  Physical Education
G Routledge          – SENCO/Teacher of History
D Scholey              – Head of Geography/Teacher of Geography
S Smith                  – Year Tutor/Teacher of Languages
A Spotswood        – Year Tutor/Teacher of Technology
G Taylor                 – Head of French/Teacher of Languages
I Taylor                  – Sport Faculty Leader/Teacher of Physical Education
J Wainman           – Teacher of History
J Walls                   – Teacher of Science
C Watson              – Teacher of Languages
G Westmoreland – Teacher of English
J Whetstone         – Year Tutor/Teacher of Geography
S White                 – Head of Art/Teacher of Creative Arts
S Witherden        – Head of German/Teacher of Languages
T Witherden        – Pupil Premium/Teacher of Mathematics
L Wyld                  – Teacher of Technology

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