Support Staff

M Ashcroft – ICT Technician
R Attenborough – Academy Finance Officer
B Attwell – Assistant F.E. Co-ordinator
M Attwell – F.E. Co-ordinator
H Ayre – Cleaning Team
J Bahra – Science Technician
G Baker – Science Technician
K Baker – Lunchtime Supervisor
J Bean – Cleaning Team
S Blaydes – Learning Support Assistant
S Boyle – EMA / Finance
P Cain – Senior Science Technician
D Carr – Site Management Assistant
H Cope – Senior Safeguarding Officer / Careers Co-ordinator
S Cranston – ICT Systems Help Desk Assistant
H Davies – Food Technology Technician
A Friar – Admissions / Data
A Gilkes – Medical Support Assistant
M Griffiths – Lunchtime Supervisor
H Grix – Learning Support Assistant
E Goodwin – Attendance Welfare Officer
D Halksworth -Cleaning Team
D Hartshorn – Student Welfare officer – Safeguarding / CIAG
M Holding – I.T. Systems Manager
K Hook – Word Processor
J Hosking – Cleaning Team
J Hubbard – Learning Support Assistant
P Kynman – HR Manager
J Lambert – Food Technology Technician
D McAdam – Cleaning Team
L McCabe – Learning Support Assistant
Y McMinn – Learning Support Assistant
I Melia – Business and Resources Manager
C Mills – Learning Support Assistant
K Mills – Reception
B Morton – Site Management Assistant
V Morton – Cleaning Team
J Nicholas – Technology Technician
S Odell – Cover Manager / Timetable / Data Analyst
G Parkes – Attendance Officer
C Parkinson – Catering Team
T Rankin – Technology Technician
L Reynolds – Cover Supervisor
J Robinson – Lunchtime Supervisor
H Rose – Examinations Officer
A Savage – Lunchtime Supervisor
D Sheerin – Learning Centre Manager
C Skillcorn – Lunchtime Supervisor
A Stead – Cleaning Team
J Stones – Lunchtime Supervisor
H Thompson – Senior Finance Manager
M Turner – Cleaning Team
L Walker – Lunchtime Supervisor
D Walters – Learning Support Assistant
A Wiggett – Learning Support Assistant
D Williamson – Cleaning Team
S Williamson – Cleaning Team
R Wride – Director of Teaching, Learning, Curriculum (Years 5-8)
J Wright – Lunchtime Supervisor