Student Voice

What an exciting year it has been during 2016-17 for the Student Voice team!!


So much hard work put in, so many decisions made and so much action taken to continue to drive The Hayfield School forwards in our on-going quest for continuous improvement


The core strands of SV have worked tirelessly throughout the year, surveying students, meeting with various staff members to discuss strategy ideas, setting up clubs and activities for pupils, regular meetings with Mrs Fox and the Leadership Team, in particular their link SLT member


Each strand discussed the areas within school they felt passionately about, and set to work – below are the initial findings of each core strand (in alphabetical order), the strategy of each strand to move their project forwards, and a brief review of the progress each team made towards achieving their goal.



Behaviour for Learning


Initial findings and thoughts


‘We are beginning drafting up new classroom rules/ways to get rewards and deciding how to narrow them down to a list of 10 so that there’s more uniformity in how rewards are given by each teacher.’


Progress review Summer 2017


The House System is now being driven forward further throughout school, and this is having a massive impact upon the rewards system. The Student Voice team in 2017-2018 will continue to work with Mr Machin on finalising the rewards system and achievement points for houses. We’ve done the groundwork and done some pretty comprehensive investigating, including whole school surveys and Student Voice throughout school, and we hope this will stand the new team in good stead!


Health and Well Being


Initial findings and thoughts


‘We are currently investigating the delivery of mental health information within the Pastoral System, to identify any areas we can help improve upon, and enable further access to information for a wide range of students.’


Progress review Summer 2017


As a team, we were really pleased with the efforts from all students to really demonstrate empathy towards the plight of others and the potential struggles of others. The LGBT group worked for some students, and we were really glad all our hard work paid off in terms of getting the lunch club up and running. We have appreciated the support from Mrs Cope in helping our team deliver sessions for students, and we know that even if one or two students find the leaflet we created and distributed helpful, we’ve really achieved success with our raising awareness mission!





Initial findings and thoughts


‘We are focussing on classroom displays, and how they promote learning and create a really positive classroom environment. More feedback to come from our survey mission to find the best classroom in school – and WHY that classroom is the best – what makes us engage with the room? What areas of school aren’t we inspired by and why not?


Progress review Summer 2017


The T&L and Research strands overlapped a little on the classroom displays, and showed just how effective the two teams could be when they put their minds together and join forces – formidable!! The result of their efforts is simply superb – bright and engaging posters can be seen throughout various corridors, and now even more classrooms have been redecorated with relevant and engaging displays. This programme of redecoration is continuing throughout summer and will also continue to be carried out throughout each holiday to ensure disruption is minimised during term time



Teaching and Learning


Initial findings and thoughts


‘We are looking at ways to make use of the last 5 minutes of a lesson, such as answering questions before students are allowed to leave, to hold their attention.  We are looking at possible uses for peer mentors when sixth form students are unavailable.  We are also investigating how to utilise classroom walls for help with working environment.  Once we are confident we have completed our research in those areas fully, and have the outcomes we desire, we will also be turning our attentions to discuss with Mrs Sheerin and Mrs Wride how the library is utilised, to make sure we really are getting the optimum use out of it for all students’.



Progress review Summer 2017


As mentioned above, The T&L and Research strands overlapped a little on the classroom displays, with exceptional results that can be seen on the pictures attached – and that’s just a few of the classrooms and areas the team have inspired!


The ‘last 5 minutes’ was also a real push for the team, and it’s great to see that the whole school T&L strategy team has also worked hard to embed that into the ‘Hayfield 10’ within all lessons – ‘end and send’. More feedback to follow, but it looks to be a very promising start, with many students giving really positive verbal feedback so far which has been fantastic!


The library investigations are on-going and will be revisited during 2017-18, as so much work was put into ensuring the strands priority strategy areas were fully completed – as highlighted in the initial findings and thoughts of the team. The library is used heavily for accelerated reader, but this has been offset with more 6th form use of the library as another learning area for silent study, which has been another great bolthole for many 6th form students. The team are keen to investigate whether the library is utilised to it’s full potential, and will look to that end during 2017-18



Final thoughts


Not only have the Student Voice team being successful in their strands and really pushed initiatives through across school, they have also managed to find the time and energy to assess the Hayfield School uniform, research and investigate alternatives to rally set our school apart from others, and then re-design (whilst canvassing opinion throughout school on various styles, colours and options) the school uniform – all of this ready for September 2017!! An absolutely outstanding effort from the SV team – congratulations!!


Our teams have been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we all really enjoyed our celebration visit to GoBounce to end the year on as a reward for such hard work and sheer commitment to the cause – such wonderful students who are willing to go that extra mile to make our school an even better place, not just fir themselves, but for others around them and for future students.


Very proud of the team, I can’t wait to see what challenges lie ahead of us in 2017, but whatever those challenges are, I know we’ll be up for them – bring it on!!


Miss Rockliff