Physical Education

We offer a broad and varied curriculum with the aim of developing sporting interest and fitness. The aim of the PE department is to provide the platform for sporting involvement varying from fun participation to elite competition. Our broad extra curricular programme aims to encourage participation for all; our aim is to achieve success in as broad a range of activities as possible.

Our Faculty:
Mr I Taylor – Physical Education Faculty Leader
Mrs D Burton – Head of Girls PE
Mr T Machin
Miss H Rockliff
Mr M Harrison
Mrs A Maddock
Miss N Tomkins

Key Stage 3
During their time in this stage students will experience differing activities to progress co-ordination, aesthetic appreciation, technique and enhance confidence in the physical environment. The ability to lead and learn about warming up safely the body and cooling down post exercise is also introduced.

Key Stage 4
At Key stage 4 we offer GCSE PE.  The legacy GCSE curriculum is 60% Practical and 40% written examination. The new specification will be 40% Practical and 60% written exam. For upto date information please do not hesitate to contact the department.

The core PE curriculum:

  • Students will develop their knowledge and practical skills In a range of physical activities:
  • Examine the effects of exercise and how training can improve performance.
  • Identify ways to develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through participation in physical activity.
  • Appreciate the benefits of promoting ‘sport for all’.

Key Stage 5
We deliver the AQA Physical Education A level course. The course covers:

  • Physiology – How the body works and how it responds to exercise.
  • Biomechanics – Sport Physics, the mechanics of movement.
  • Psychology – How the mind effects sports performance.
  • Sports History – How sport has evolved over the past century.
  • Sports Organisation – The structure of sport in the UK and around the world.
  • Social issues in Sport – Drugs in sport and Barriers to participation.
  • Skill Acquisition – Teaching and Learning.How to develop and aquire skill.

Please contact Mr Taylor via email should you require any further information.