School Ethos & Values

The building of the school commenced in 1969 and opened its doors in 1971. From April 1990 (under Local Management of Schools) the school’s finances came under our own control on a ‘one-line budget’ from the Local Authority. and the Governors, Headteacher and Staff “became the school”.

In April 1995 we gained further independence via Grant Maintained Status with the Governors, becoming ‘owners’ of the site and buildings and employers for all staff.

In September 1999 under ‘new Labour’ we became a Foundation School (LA maintained) with a slight loss of autonomy in administration terms, but retaining responsibility for employment and land ownership. In 2011 the school became a ‘converter’ Academy.

Our School Ethos and Values

  • Maximise the achievement of all students at all levels.
  • Provide a ‘whole curriculum’ to each student encompassing academic and extra-curricular activities.
  • Create a caring school environment in which young people can mature and grow within a framework of guidance and discipline.
  • Encourage the personal development of our students to create proactive, positive, and self-aware life-long learners who can make a positive contribution to their community.
  • Enhance young people’s understanding of the world of work career pathways, the needs of the local and the global community.
  • Encourage positive values and a sense of value judgment in respect of morals, ethics, and spiritual values.
    Maximise the use of the facilities on-site, within finance available, for the general benefit of the community.
  • Create a happy and positive partnership between students, staff, parents and the community.
  • Seek co-operation with other educational bodies to raise standards for all.

The broad aims listed are not in any rank order – education is concerned with all of these. In essence, we seek to prepare our young people of today for today’s rapidly changing global community.

A brief history to date

1971-74: A West Riding School
1974-95: Doncaster LEA School
1995-99: A Grant Maintained School
1999: A Foundation School
2003: A Training School
2003: New Science / Art building open
2003: New status as Mathematics and Computing College
2005: New floodlit Sports facilities
2007: Third Specialism of Languages
2008: Mr Storey, Hayfield’s first headteacher, retires after 37 years of dedicated service to the school
2008: Dr. S. Patel becomes Headteacher
2011:The school gains Academy status
2012: Ms. M Rock becomes Headteacher
2013: New Catering Building
2015: Mrs Fox becomes Headteacher