Haydays provide all of our students the opportunity to take time out from normal lessons. There are five Haydays for this current academic year and themes range from team building to UCAS applications and financial awareness.

1 September 2017

Year 7

Walesby Forest visit

The new year group spent a day taking part in fourteen different activities at Walesby Forest. Students worked together in small groups enabling them to make new friends, work as a team, improve communication skills and provide support for one other when the going was tough. Some of the activities were designed to take the students out of their comfort zones and help them to develop new skills.

Year 8

Team Building

The Year 8 students spent Hayday team building in their new tutor groups with their new tutors. They wrote a letter about themselves which they were able to share with their groups.
There was also an opportunity to think about career planning. A “Balloon Debate” helped to consider qualities they value in people. The afternoon was a circus of sporting activities.

Year 9

Team Building

Year 9 Hayday featured sessions run by the Army and Balfour Beatty. The Army focussed on Team Building exercises whilst Balfour Beatty provided a small insight into the world of engineering.

Year 10

Employability Hayday

We are very grateful to the ten Doncaster employers who gave up their time today to come in and present a series of very useful workshops about employability to the students in Year 10. The sessions in the morning focussed on creating a CV, interview skills and on working as a team. The afternoon was a ‘Dragons Den’ style activity in which the students had to pitch on a product provided by the facilitators. The focus was on creativity and communication skills.

Year 11

Stress and relaxation

Year 11 have spent the day engaged in a number of activities to explore the causes & effects of stress and how we can manage it. They have also had a session of yoga and relaxation/meditation. It’s hoped that they will be able to put what they have learned in practice to avoid overload in the upcoming mocks and public exams.