Hayfield Amnesty International Group

Over the Spring term, the Amnesty International wider group has been working on raising awareness and building support for the girls in Burkina Faso, who are forced to marry at young ages and have hardly any right to make decisions about when to have children or how many children to have.  In some cases girls as young as 13 forced to marry 70 year olds. The group visited Year 7 and 8 tutor groups to give a presentation about what was happening in the country. The Amnesty members also gave Year 7 and 8 butterfly templates to decorate, which will be sent to the girls staying in shelters of Burkina Faso and shelter workers. Letters asking for the laws to be changed to protect these girls were sent to the President of Burkina Faso, informing him of what was really happening in his country.

The group has been recently working on activites for Refugee Week on the 20th to the 27th of June.

Hayfield Amnesty Wider Group is open to all year groups and we look forward to new people joining us in September.

The Hayfield Amnesty Wider Group