Year 10 GCSE Geography Trip to Bakewell

Over two days on the 29th and 30th of September the Geography department took 115 Year 10 GCSE students on a fieldtrip to Bakewell located in the Peak District.

The trip was to allow the students to collect all the information they needed to complete their piece of controlled assessment (worth 25% of their GCSE).

On the day the pupils had the opportunity to speak to a guest speaker, Chris Robinson, from the Peak District National Park Authority, who told them about the problems the Peak District faces and how it suffers in some cases from its own success.

The pupils then worked in small groups collecting information from around Bakewell to help them answer the investigation speaking to shop owners, completing management surveys and undertaking their own personal investigation along with many other tasks.

Overall on both days the students were great with them working hard, being polite and hopefully having a good time. We as a department would like to thank all the students for their attitude and now they face the job of writing up their findings, but after all their hard work on the day we are sure we will be reading some brilliant pieces of work later on in the year.